lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

VIDEO 17/10/2010 Jesse McCartney manda un messaggio a Theresa Buccellato "Memorial Concert"

This is a video that Jesse McCartney sent for Theresa Marie Bucccellato sweet 16 birthday concert lastnite -, there were rappers there who wrote a song just for her, DreamStreet came, singers from The making of the Band - Theresa loved and attended so many of their concerts, now they came to show their love for her - it was a beautiful night & we all sang happy birthday to her - i knew her spirit was in that auditorium with us. YOU HAD THE BEST SUPER SWEET 16 THERESA - EVERYONE DANCED AND ROCKED OUT TO THE MUSIC U LOVED!!!

Never forgotten, Left too Soon
7/7/94 - 8/16/10

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